Gunter Rhinoplasty Procedure Set

Aston Facelift Scissors, 14cm, Serrated, Curved (1)
Boies Elevator, 19.5cm (1)
Adson Brown Forceps, 12cm, 9×9 Teeth (1)
Caplan Nasal Septum Scissors, Serrated, 19.5cm (1)
Cinelli Chisel, 16cm, Tip 10mm (1)
Converse Nasal Retractor, 9cm, With Light Guide, 10x20mm Blade (1)
Knife Handle for Plastic Surgery, 20.5cm, (2)
Cottle Nasal Speculum, 14cm, 50mm Blade, With Fixation Screw and Fiber Optics (1)
Cottle Neivert Double Hook Retractor, 14cm, 2 Prongs, Sharp (2)
Cottle Dorsal Scissors, Round Blade, 16cm, SC (1)
Crile-Wood Needle Holder, 15cm, Tc, Serrated (4)
Fomon Nasal Rasps, 4 sided, 20.5cm, Standard (1)
Gorney Suction Elevator (1)
Gruber Cartilage Cutting Block, Size 4″x4″x1/8″ (1)
Gunter Morselizer, Tc, 18cm (1)
Gunter Rhinoplasty Chisels, 21cm, Straight (1)
Gunter Rhinoplasty Chisels, 21cm, Left (1)
Gunter Rhinoplasty Chisels, 21cm, Right (1)
Gunter Septal Elevator, 19cm, 4.5mm (1)
Gunter (Biro) Dermal Naevus Scissors, 10.2cm, Standrad (1)
Halsted Mosquito Micro Hemostatic Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved (1)
Iris Scissors, S/S, 11.5cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Joseph Periosteal Elevator, 16.5cm, Tip 4mm (1)
Kaye Face lift Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved, SC (1)
Kelly Rankin Hemostatic Forceps, 14cm,  Straight (1)
Killian Nasal Speculum, 13.5cm, 50mm Blade (1)
Kleinert-Kutz Hook, 16cm, 3mm Tip (4)
Mayo Noble Dissectingt Scissors, 17cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 18cm, Tc (2)
Nahai Nasal Osteotome, 18cm, 2mm Blade, Straight (1)
Obwegeser Periosteal Elevator, 17.5cm, 7mm Tip (1)
Parkes Nasal Rasps,  20.5cm, Fine, Tc (1)
Parkes Nasal Rasp, 20.5cm, Medium, Tc (1)
Ragnell Double-Ended Retractor, (15cm) (2)
Rubin Osteotome, 18cm, 12mm Tip (1)
Cottle Nasal Forceps, 15cm, (1)
Wire Twisters, Tc, 16cm, Long Jaw (1)


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Gunter Rhinoplasty Procedure Set

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