Forehead Lift Dissectors Set

Arcus Marginalis Dissector, 24cm, S-Shaped (1)
Ramirez Endoforehead Parietal Elevator #3, 26.5cm (1)
Frontoglabellar Dissector, 26.5cm, S-Shaped (1)
Frontotemporal Dissector, 22.5cm, Slightly Curved (1)
Frontotemporal Dissector, 23cm, Slightly Curved (1)
Midface Fascial Dissector, 24cm, Multiple Curve (1)
Ramirez Endo Forehead Dissector, Curved, #2, 24cm (1)
Periosteal Elevator, 25cm, S-Shaped (1)
Mini Forehead Elevator, Slightly Curved, 18cm (1)
Temporal Dissector, 23.5cm, Straight (1)
Zygomatic Arch Elevator, 20.5cm, Straight, 5mm Blade (1)


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Forehead Lift Dissectors Set

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