Basic Orthopedic Surgery Set

Metal Ruler, 15cm (1)
Scalpel Handle #3, 12cm, 10-18 Blades, With CM Graduation (1)
Scalpel Handle #4, 12.5cm, 20-26 Blades, With CM Graduation (1)
Surgical Operating Scissors, 14.5cm, S/S, Straight, Tc (1)
Surgical Operating Scissors, 14.5cm, S/B, Straight, Tc (1)
Nelson Metzenbaun Scissors, 23cm, Curved, Standard (1)
Mayo Noble Dissecting Scissors, 20cm, Straight, Tc (1)
Mayo Noble Dissecting Scissors, 17cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Littler Stich Scissors, 14cm, Standard, Curved (1)
Universal Wire Scissors, 12cm, Tc (4)
Horton Adson Tissue Forceps, 12cm, Tc (1)
Kelly (Kelly-Rankin) Hemostatic Forceps, 14cm, Straight (1)
Kelly (Kelly-Rankin) Hemostatic Forceps, 14cm, Curved (1)
Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 20cm, Straight, Serrated (1)
Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 20cm, Curved, Serrated (1)
Dressing Forceps, 20cm, 1×2 Teeth (1)
Dressing Forceps, 20cm, Serrated (1)
Allis Tissue Forceps, 15cm, 1×2 Teeth (1)
Allis Tissue Forceps, 16cm, 1×2 Teeth (1)
Tissue Forceps, 14.5cm, 1×2 Teeth (1)
Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 4×5 Teeth (1)
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder, 16cm, Tc (2)
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder, 18cm, Standard (1)
Needle Nose Pilers Cross Serrated, 14cm (1)
Littaur-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps, 11.4cm, Straight Jaws (1)
Hibbs Osteotome, Straight, 24cm, 1/4 Tip (1)
Hibbs Osteotome, Straight, 24cm, 1/2 Tip (1)
Weitlaner Self Retaining Retractor, 13.5cm, 3×4 Sharp Prongs (1)
Metzenbaum Scissors, 14.5cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Backhaus Towel Clamps, 13cm (1)
Backhaus Towel Clamps, 9cm (1)
Frazier Suction Tubes, 18cm, Fig 7, With Light Guide (1)
Frazier Suction Tubes, 18cm, Fig 8, With Light Guide (1)
Senn Miller Retractor, 16cm, Sharp Prongs (1)
Senn Miller Retractor, 16cm, Blunt Prongs (1)
Metzenbaum Scissors (1)


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Basic Orthopedic Surgery Set

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