Basic Eye Surgery Set

Scalpel Handle #3, With CM Graduation, 12cm, Blades 10  (1)
Scalpel Handle #7, With CM Graduation, 12cm, Blades 10  (1)
Stevens Scissors, B/B Straight, 11.5cm, Standard (1)
Stevens Scissors, B/B Curved, 11.5cm, Standard (1)
Iris Scissors, 9cm,  Straight, Standard (1)
Iris Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Iris Scissors, 11.5cm, Straight, Standrd (1)
Halsted Mosquito Micro Hemostatic Forceps,  Straight, 12.5cm (2)
Halsted Mosquito Micro Hemostatic Forceps, Curved, 12.5cm (4)
Castroviejo Micro Scissors, 16.5cm, Straight (1)
Castroviejo Micro Scissors, 16.5cm, Curved (1)
Castroviejo Needle Holder Straight With Catch, Tc (1)
Dressing Forceps, 11.5cm, 1×2 Teeth (1)
Dressing Forceps, 11.5cm, Serrated (1)
Demarres Eye Lid Retractor, 14cm, 12mm Blade (1)
Backhaus Towel Clamps, 13cm (1)


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Basic Eye Surgery Set

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